Enzymatica has around 20 employees. The headquarters are located at Ideon Science Village in Lund, Sweden. In addition, Enzymatica has an office in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our enzyme production is also located in Reykjavik.

Board of Directors

In 2020, the Board of Directors consisted of six members who are elected for one year by the Annual General Meeting. According to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall consist of at least three and a maximum of ten members with a maximum of ten deputies. The Board of Directors elects its officers at a meeting held immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

Holdings in Enzymatica 31 March 2022

  • Bengt Baron

    Bengt Baron

    Born 1962 Chairman of the Board December 2016

    Chairman of the Board of Thule Group AB (publ), ifoodbag AB and 5653 Sweden AB. Board member of APAC . Bengt was previously CEO of Cloetta AB, Leaf International B.V. and V&S AB

    Education: MA and MBA, University of California, Berkeley

    Independent of the company and its management, as well as its major shareholders.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 2 958 027 shares ( private and through 5653 Sweden AB )

  • Mats K Andersson

    Mats K Andersson

    Born 1955 Member of the Board since December 2016.

    Chairman of the Board of Lomond Invest AB, Abanico Invest AB and Andersson & Co AB, Board member of Hills Golf AB. Mats was previously CEO of Lomond Industrier AB and business area manager and Executive Vice President of LICare AB (publ).

    Education: BSc. International Business from Lund University.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 36 398 195 shares in the Company (privately and through Abanico Invest AB)

  • Louise Nicolin

    Louise Nicolin

    Born 1973 Member of the Board since December 2016.

    Chairman of the Board for Better Business World Wide,Board member for Volati AB (publ), VBG Group AB (publ), Seafire AB, Atteviks Bil AB and Optinova Group (Ab) Finland. Has run the consultancy at Nicolin Consulting AB since 2011, with a focus on business development . She was previously business area manager and head consultant at PlantVision.

    Education: M.Sc. Eng. Molecular biotechnology from Uppsala University. eMBA Stockholm University and “International Directors Programme (IDP-c)", Insead.

    Independent of the company and its management, as well as its major shareholders.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 43,000 shares.

  • Gudmundur Palmason

    Gudmundur Palmason

    Born: 1968. Member of the Board since February 2016

    CEO and director of STRAX AB (publ.) Chairman and co-founder of Verna hf. Extensive experience in international business and contract law. Previous positions include Chairman of Zymetech ehf. and Alternate Board member of MP Bank hf. (now Kvika bank).

    Education: LL.M, MBA and Cand.Jur.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 7 142 493 shares

  • Helene Willberg

    Helene Willberg

    Born 1967. Member of the board since May 2021

    Chairman of the board at Footway Group AB. Boardmember at Thule Group AB, Nordic Paper Holding AB, Profoto Holding AB, Infrea AB, Byggfakta Group Nordic Holdco AB, APAC AB, Xshore AB, Indecap AB and Renewcell AB.

    Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.

    Independent of the company and its management, as well as its major shareholders.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 163 423 shares.

  • Moa Fransson

    Moa Fransson

    Born: 1982. Board member since May 2022.

    CEO Genagon Therapeutics, Stockholm.

    Board member of AFradiolog AB, previous experience from pre-clinical development of gene therapy and CAR-T cell treatments and co-founder of Bioflow systems. Moa has a vast experience in coaching entrepreneurs and startups in Sweden and Europe

    Education: Doctor of Medicine, Gene and immunotherapy, Uppsala University 

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 0

Board members’ shareholdings as of December 30, 2021, attendance record, and respective independence to owners and the Company, respectively


Number of


Independence to owners
and the Company, respectively

Bengt Baron, chairman (chairman beginning December 19, 2016)

2 958 027



Mats Andersson

36 298 195



Gudmundur Palmason

7 142 493



Fredrik Lindberg

1 100,000



Helene Willberg

163 423



Louise Nicolin




Marianne Dicander Alexandersson left the Board of Directors in conjunction with the 2021 Annual General Meeting


The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and leads the Company in accordance with the guidelines and instructions adopted by the Board. The CEO appoints a Management Group.

Holdings in Enzymatica 30 december 2021

  • Claus Egstrand

    Claus Egstrand

    Born 1961. CEO since September 2021. Employed 2017. Previous position COO & Senior Director Growth.

    Claus Egstrand has previously held positions as Head of Europe for MSD Consumer Care at the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co, as well as Vice President, General Manager Medsurg Europe for the medical technologies firm Stryker Corporation.

    Claus has served as Senior Vice President Consumer Healthcare for Latin America, Africa, Asia, Japan and Australia at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Vice President and head of global marketing for the smoking cessation product Nicorette at the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia, as well as CEO of Johnson&Johnson/Merck Pharmaceuticals operations in France. His most recent position was Group President, International at Hologic Corp.

    Education: MBA, Business School of Copenhagen

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 12 000 shares, 1 000 000 personnel options, 750 000 warrants

  • Therese Filmersson

    Therese Filmersson

    Born 1969. Chief Financial Officer. Employed 2018. Deputy CEO since September 2021.

    Therese has extensive experience as CFO. Most recently, Therese was CFO and deputy CEO of the Procurator Group, one of the leading Nordic wholesalers in protective clothing, sanitary goods and office materials.

    Before that, Therese worked at MTG (including CDON and TV Shop) and Bravida Syd. In addition to responsibility for financial issues, Therese has been responsible for HR, legal and strategic IT issues.

    Education: M.Sc. Econ Lund University and B.A. in pedagogics/human resources

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 357 500 shares, 110 000 warrants

  • Malin Richter

    Malin Richter

    Born 1968. Director of Operations . Employed 2021

    Malin Richter came from McNeil to Enzymatica . Her most recent role there was Head of Plan, which included planning, purchasing direct materials and launching new products (roll-outs). Malin's first line position was in 1999 as Business Unit Manager Operations at Pharmacia. Since then, Malin has held several management positions in Operations and Supply Chain at Pharmacia, Pfizer and McNeil and then worked with products such as Nicorette, Treo and Microlax. Malin has a global experience working with OTC drugs in Operations and Supply Chain.

    Education: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Lunds Tekniska Högskola
    MBA, General Management, Lunds Universitet

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 2274 shares, 50 000 warrants

  • Ann Christine Provoost

    Ann Christine Provoost

    Born 1967. Director of Regulatory & Clinical. Employed 2016

    Ann-Christine has over 25 years of experience from various expert and management positions within regulatory affairs in the medical device industry, including companies such as Siemens, Medtronic, EuroDiagnostica and also start-up companies such as BoneSupport. Her experience includes all phases of global regulatory strategies, including executing strategies for market access for medical devices within all classes.

    Education: Master of Science in Material Science, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 0 shares, 100 582 personnel options 70 000 warrants

  • Johan Lindvall

    Johan Lindvall

    Born 1970.Director Global Project Management. Employed 2017.

    Johan has previously held the position of factory manager at Biomet (now Zimmer Biomet), and held various positions in their European operations.

    Johan’s most recent position was as Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer for the Agellis Group, which develops, manufactures and markets measuring instruments and monitoring equipment for the global metals industry. Johan has previously held executive positions in supply chain management and product development at companies such as Volvo Excavators AB and Precise Biometrics AB.

    Education: BS in mechanical engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (LTH), as well as university studies in business.

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 367 499 shares, 75 000 warrants

  • Charlotte (Lotta) Andersson

    Charlotte (Lotta) Andersson

    Born: 1972. Director Quality Assurance. Employed 2021

    Charlotte Andersson has long experience from the life science industry, most recently from BioInvent where she was the Senior Quality Assurance Advisor. Charlotte Andersson has substantial experience of quality assurance from the medtech industry, IVD business (In vitro Dignostics), and the pharmaceutical and biotech area. She has held different positions within quality management, including ISO 13485, ISO 17025, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). At BioInvent, she was the Senior Quality Assurance Advisor and has also held different positions within the quality field at companies like Wieslab, EuroDiagnostica, Orifice Medical and NovoZymes Biopharma Sweden.

    Education: M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University,

    Ph.D. Pure and Applied Biochemistry, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 0

  • Stefan Olsson

    Stefan Olsson

    Born: 1970. Communications Manager – Co-opted to the management team

    Stefan has been hired as communications manager since July 2021. He has almost 25 years of experience as a communications consultant to private and public oranizations. He has previously worked at Weber Shandwick, Sund Kommunikation and KPMG. Since 2015 he started up Plank Public Relations with assingments mainly with strategic communications, consulting, crisis communications and brand issues

    Education: MSc Economics, University of Lund

    Holdings in Enzymatica: 9 024 shares