Our Company

Enzymatica AB is a Swedish life science company that develops and sells medical devices for infection-related diseases. The products are based on a barrier technology that includes marine enzymes. The Company’s first product is ColdZyme®, a mouth spray which protects against common cold, can help shorten the duration of a common cold if used at an early stage of the infection, alleviates common cold symptoms and soothes sore throat. The product has been launched in about 30 markets on three continents.

Enzymatica’s growth strategy is based on three pillars: strengthening the ColdZyme’s position in existing markets, expanding into more geographic markets by launching the product in more markets through established partners, and developing more products based on the company’s barrier technology. During the past years we have broaden the use of our enzyme technology to better take advantage of the commercial opportunities.  Mouth spray as a medical device product, mouth spray as a cosmetic product and an enzyme formulation that is included in our customers' skin care products.  

2020 was characterized by a strong international expansion by Enzymatica. At the beginning of the year Enzymatica signed an agreement with Keyuan Trade, a subsidiary of China’s second largest pharmaceutical company, Shanghai Pharma, for the Chinese market. The agreement with German STADA was expanded on three occasions and now covers a total of 40 markets. 

Enzymatica also signed an agreement with Sanofi – one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in consumer health care – for sales of ColdZyme in France and Italy, as well as with MS Pharma for the sale of ColdZyme on ten selected markets within MENA – the Middle East and North Africa. Enzymatica also entered into an agreement with Chemipal, one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors in Israel.

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