The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and leads the Company in accordance with the guidelines and instructions adopted by the Board. The CEO appoints a Management Group. The Management Group consisted of five people in addition to the CEO during the year.

Holdings in Enzymatica December 30, 2019

Claus Egstrand
Claus Egstrand

Born 1961. COO & Senior Director Growth since June 2017

Claus Egstrand has previously held positions as Head of Europe for MSD Consumer Care at the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co, as well as Vice President, General Manager Medsurg Europe for the medical technologies firm Stryker Corporation.

Claus has served as Senior Vice President Consumer Healthcare for Latin America, Africa, Asia, Japan and Australia at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Vice President and head of global marketing for the smoking cessation product Nicorette at the pharmaceutical company Pharmacia, as well as CEO of Johnson&Johnson/Merck Pharmaceuticals operations in France. His most recent position was Group President, International at Hologic Corp.

Education: MBA, Business School of Copenhagen

Holdings in Enzymatica: 12,000 shares, 750,000 personnel options, 500 000 warrants

Therese Filmersson
Therese Filmersson

Born 1969. Acting CEO. Chief Financial Officer since January 2018.

Therese has extensive experience as CFO. Most recently, Therese was CFO and deputy CEO of the Procurator Group, one of the leading Nordic wholesalers in protective clothing, sanitary goods and office materials.

Before that, Therese worked at MTG (including CDON and TV Shop) and Bravida Syd. In addition to responsibility for financial issues, Therese has been responsible for HR, legal and strategic IT issues.

Education: M.Sc. Econ Lund University and B.A. in education.

Holdings in Enzymatica: 100,000 shares. 250,000 personnel options warrants 110 000

Ulf Blom
Ulf Blom

Born 1965. Director Innovation since 2011.

Cofounder of Enzymatica. Ulf has over 20 years of experience in various management positions in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, including Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca and ALK. His extensive experience includes all phases of strategic global commercialization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Other directorships: Board member of Idogen AB.

Education: M.Sc. Econ.

Holdings in Enzymatica: 1,964 668 shares, 40,000 personnel options 100 000 warrants

Åsa Anderlind
Åsa Anderlind

Born 1966. Director of Quality Assurance

Åsa Anderlind comes most recently from QPharma, where she was responsible for GMP training and internal audits. Before that she was Director of Quality Assurance at Euro Diagnostica AB and Wieslab AB (subsidiary) for ten years. She has also held various quality assurance positions at BioInvent, Ferring and Biopool.

Education: Master of Science in Biology , Lund University

Holdings in Enzymatica: 0 shares 37 500 warrants

 Johan Lindvall
Johan Lindvall

Born 1970.Director Global Project Management since 2017.

Johan has previously held the position of factory manager at Biomet (now Zimmer Biomet), and held various positions in their European operations.

Johan’s most recent position was as Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer for the Agellis Group, which develops, manufactures and markets measuring instruments and monitoring equipment for the global metals industry. Johan has previously held executive positions in supply chain management and product development at companies such as Volvo Excavators AB and Precise Biometrics AB.

Education: BS in mechanical engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University (LTH), as well as university studies in business.

Holdings in Enzymatica: 110,000 shares, 250,000 personnel options 75 000 warrants

Carl-Johan Wachtmeister
Carl-Johan Wachtmeister

Born: 1955. Head of Corporate Communications – co-opted member of management.

Carl-Johan has been engaged as Head of Corporate Communications since September 2017. Carl-Johan has also served as Chief Information Officer for the pharmaceutical companies Kabi and Kabi Pharmacia, Deputy CEO for Procordia EuroCentre in Brussels and Director of Corporate Communications and together with the CFO, responsible for Investor Relations at Atlas Copco. Carl-Johan currently serves as an advisor in strategic communication to corporate management.

Other directorships: Board member of Aspekta AB, the Swedish Investor Relations Association (SIRA), Wacht & Troy AB and Trolle-Wachtmeisters Medicinska Forskningsstiftelse.

Education: BA in business administration and political science.

Holdings in Enzymatica: 250 000 shares 100 000 warrants

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