Investment case

Extensive market and strong presence on the home market

Enzymatica operates on a large market, colds, with strong underlying growth.  The market for over-the-counter cold products amounted to USD 21 billion in 2017.  Enzymatica has established a strong position on the home market in Sweden with a market share for ColdZyme of 5.6%, based on rolling 12-month data at year-end 2018/2019.  We are also building a strong distributor network – in 2018 we signed distributor agreements for South Africa, Hong Kong & Macau, and Japan.

Focus on colds, international expansion and strengthened documentation

ColdZyme offers a paradigm shift by attacking the cause of the cold, through a protective barrier that prevents the virus from attacking the mucous membrane. We have achieved major sales successes with our own sales force in Sweden and Denmark, while becoming established on international markets through partners. Enzymatica continues to invest in research on barrier technology and patient studies to strengthen documentation for ColdZyme.

Full control of the value chain, strong patent protection and experienced board of directors and management

Enzymatica has full control of the value chain, from product development to sales on the market. We also have extensive patent protection for ColdZyme and have ensured continued international expansion by raising funds in a share issue in late 2018. Finally, Enzymatica has an experienced Board of Directors and management that has previously worked with establishment and sales of products on the international healthcare market.