ColdZyme® against common cold

ColdZyme reduces the risk of catching a cold and shortens the duration of illness at an early stage of infection.

For adults and children

The product contains glycerol and enzymes that help to create a protective barrier in the mouth and throat to prevent colds. The spray creates a protective surface barrier on the mucous membranes of the throat that hampers the ability of the cold virus to cause illness. ColdZyme has only a temporary local effect and can be used by adults and children over the age of 4 years.

ColdZyme® is a medical device, class I (CE-labelled).

Treats the cause – instead of the symptoms

ColdZyme’s barrier protects against the cause of illness – the virus – which makes it possible to reduce the duration of illness, or even, in the best of cases, to prevent the illness.

Scientifically confirmed

The COLDPREV study has confirmed the efficacy of ColdZyme, showing that the product can reduce both viral load and the number of days with common cold symptoms compared to placebo. Read more about the study results here.

Socioeconomic benefits

A study of the socioeconomic effect for the Swedish population when using ColdZyme suggests socioeconomic gains and the possibility of reduced illness. A reduction of just one day of illness would result in an annual savings of SEK 1.4 billion for the society, based on 10 percent of all 4.7 million full-time employed individuals in Sweden.

ColdZyme website

For more information please visit the product’s own website: and Facebook page.

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